About Ahalia Publications

Ahalia Publications an arm of Ahalia Group was started with the intention of bringing to tangible form, the creative outputs of the Ahalia Group. We began by focusing on three specifics fields: Health, Education, and Heritage & Culture. The enormous number of hospitals and educational institutions which come under the umbrella of the parent group churn out new information and research. We aim to bring the efforts of those involved in these endeavors into a readable, well-designed format. Our cultural arm, The Ahalia Heritage village is a natural home to arts and cultures that make up our country. Our museums, performance centers, and art galleries house some of the finest collections of art, sculpture, curiosities, and arcane paraphernalia you will lay eyes upon. Ahalia Publications will be bringing forth in written form, the fruits of this labour of love.

The Saga of Kalpathy

The story of Ahalia Publications started like all journeys do, with a single step; or in our case, a single book. That book is Saga of Kalpathy: The story of Palakkad Iyers by MK Das. Why Kalpathy? Simply put, it was the most appropriate choice to mark our entry, and here is why.
The Ahalia Campus, Palakkad, sits under the watchful eyes (and in the shadow) of the Western Ghats, at the crossroads of geography, history and untold human stories. The story of the many peoples who have passed by this place is a(the) history of Kerala. Kalpathy, located not too far away, also has been a silent witness to the unique cocktail of history and culture that marks it out as a location of great cultural importance, albeit one that flew under the radar.

The Future

Our story begins with health, education, and heritage & culture, but will not end there. We hope to be home to fiction that elevates and entertains (poetry, essays, novels) and non-fiction (research into the sciences, history, art, culture) that educates and invigorates the mind. In particular, we plan to bring out the stories of forgotten towns and people through travelogues. Our writers and creators may come from our organizations, but our audience, we hope, will be global, encompassing both the casual and the erudite reader.